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NuGet Consolidation Report using PowerShell

NuGet Consolidation Report

This post covers a script which allows you to report NuGet package version information over several packages.config files. Given that the tools currently available are slow, I’ve deiced write this script to generate a simple report.

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Remove references to missing files in visual studio

Remove references to missing files in visual studio

This post covers how to remove missing file references within a visual studio project file. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything available in visual studio, however, I was able to get things done with a little bit of PowerShell magic.

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Fake Build and TeamCity: versioning assemblies

Fake Build and TeamCity

A short post on how to pass TeamCity variables in your Fake build config. Multiple people on the web were looking for this, including myself. I Therefore decided to write a blog post covering the basics.

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Couchbase .Net client tips

Couchbase .net tips

I’m working on Couchbase performance issues and learning a lot the painful way. Therefore, I would like to share my finding within this blog post. Hopefully, this will be helpful for someone taking the same route.

This article targets people who are new to Couchbase and using the .net client.

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Azure Logic Apps Examples

Logic Apps Examples

Hey, Logic App friends. I’ve noticed that Logic Apps has increased in popularity. Because of this, I would like to make people aware of articles I’ve published. Here a list of post covering basic App Logic building blocks. All examples are simple to understand recreate.

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Azure Functions & Transient Exceptions

Call other functions inside Azure Functions

This post covers how to deal with transient issues within Azure Functions. The process is simple thanks to available helper libraries. All my code samples are in C#.

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SQL Server & JSON data

SQL Server, SQL Azure & JSON

At the moment, I’m working on a simple web reporting project. Given that this is a small-scale project, I’ve decided to try something new. Creating a tiny DAL responsible for retrieving and deserializing SQL Server generated JSON.

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