sp_what: Seek and ye shall find

SQL Server SP_what

On-site performance tuning analysis can be as rewarding as it is frustrating. There are some aspects you just can’t control; Ranting managers or dealing with a passive DBA, which often stands behind you with popcorn and drinks. Fortunately, you can prepare your scripts in advance based as i did based on prior leanings.


During a recent session, I’ve discovered that I was missing a simple analysis script.  A scrip which  allows me to list the most important object properties within one overview. And so “sp_what” was born. The implementation was fairly simple — just combining some Catalog Views together with a search parameter.



nameName of the object
object_idID of the object, or the ID of the object to which this column belongs.
schemaName of the schema and the ID
type_descObject type description
detailsPrebuild Catalog Views query
details2Additional details which differs based on the object type


Note: If you are looking for sp_who, please try this link instead. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms174313.aspx

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