Oracle RightNow CX Resources

Oracle RightNow CX Resources (Quick start)

Recently, I’ve been working with Oracle RightNow CX, and I must say I’m impressed. Now, the individual components aren’t that significant. There are better incident management, survey and email marketing systems on the market. However, the suite as a whole has a lot of potential.

Oracle RightNow CX – helpful links

Given that I will be working on Oracle RightNow CX projects in the future, I’ve decided to devote a series on common implementation scenarios. Most noteworthy are the items listed below listed below. They helped me out a ton during my first Oracle RightNow CX journey.

Oracle RightNow product overview:

White Papers, eBooks, Product Release Updates

Oracle’s Knowledge Zone
This was the most helpful starting location for me. New content is added often and therefore recommended to re-visit the page once in a while.



Development Resources

Linkedin groups

Note: This was my first and last post covering RightNow CX. The project I worked on got canceled and haven’t worked with it since. As a result, I haven’t made any other RightNow CX related post. due to this, I cannot answer any of your question.

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