Azure Subscription Selection

Azure Subscription Selection

When the Azure PowerShell commands aren’t returning any data well then you might have to select a default Azure subscription. I tend to forget the Azure Subscription Selection step and therefore created this post. Just to remind myself and perhaps a couple of others.

The following page will guide you to the process of setting up on how to install and configure Windows Azure PowerShell however you will need to make sure to select the correct subscription.

Azure Subscription Selection commands

My private azure account appears to have two subscription, one called “Pay-As-You-Go”, and “XYZ”. I’m not using the “Pay-As-You-Go” subscription however, this tends to be the default.

List of available subscriptions

The list of available subscriptions based on the account which is currently active can be retrieved by executing


Active subscription

To view the subscription which is currently active use;

Get-AzureSubscription –current

Select a subscription

If this is incorrect, just switch the current subscription using

Select-AzureSubscription -name "XYZ"

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