SQL Server List auto-shrink enabled databases

SQL Server List auto-shrink enabled databases

I won’t cover why enabling AutoShrink is such a bad idea. There are numerous articles on the web, pointing this out in great detail. However, as a DBA you might want to know how many AutoShrink databases are active on your servers.

List auto-shrink enabled databases – The Script

The powershell script below can help you with this and can be extended to your liking.

Note: Before proceeding it’s important to know that some software vendors require enabling auto-shrink… Yes, believe it or not. Therefore, just disabling this feature might turn into a software support drama (or a comedy, depending on how you look at life).

Well, that’s pretty much it… Of course this is just one of a list of options you might be interesting in.Other options are (Which I will cover in future posts);

  • Amount of available disk space .
  • Size of Data files and log.
  • Has the Database been backed up recently?
  • Consistency has been verified recently?
  • State in a usable state?
  • File size of tempdb
  • Auto update statistics enabled?
  • Statistics recent?

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