Windows 8 product key – How to back up


So I had to re-install windows (moving from a hdd to an ssd). Maybe it’s just me, but I’m getting less and less attached to my devices. Not long ago, I was treating my systems as pets, especially my development laptop. If something would have happened to this system, I would have felt well… very, very sad. Partly for the data and partly because of all the setup and configuration work involved when setting up a new development system.

Having storage platforms like Microsoft’s OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), Dropbox, Google Drive, Sugar Sync, and definitely helped. Until recently I’ve kept most of my data on Dropbox however chosen to abandon Dropbox for purely personal reasons. Most of it is now stored within OneDrive or directly within Azure depending on how important the data is. Yes, and I almost forgot online code repositories (Git, Visual Studio Online and Bitbucket), so convenient! Perhaps the biggest change overall was moving my development environments (side projects that is) into Azure VM’s. Call me crazy, but I only see the benefits and today VMs are dirt cheap. Well, I digress… back to my Windows installation.

Windows 8 product key backup script

Windows isn’t free, so you need to enter your Windows 8 product key at some point during the installation. Finding the key was somewhat of a problem given that I’ve already ditched the accompanied manuals. Luckily the following was helping me a lot.

No sticker on my laptop...

No sticker on my laptop…

Sometimes, you might want to reinstall Windows 8 operating system. But you don’t know the current Windows product key or cannot find it on your computer. The PowerShell script below can be used to retrieve and back up your Windows product key in Windows 8.

Download Script:


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