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Recently discovered the option to reset the username and password for the local administrator account for Azure VMs. I found this in Michael Washam’s, Automating Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services, which is a pretty interesting book, however more on that later.

Reset Azure VM account script

I have only run into this scenario once before while setting up a VM for educational purposes and learned my lessons (credential management, standardization and automation are important…).  I accepted that it was lost forever, and did a pretty awful job as an admin.

It’s important to know the following:

  • The VM must have the Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Agent installed

  • This only works for local accounts
  • A reboot of the VM is required

The script

A bit about the book

Due to frequent changes with cloud services, books are outdated pretty fast. Buying a A to Z reference book for a boxed product is still worth it, however this doesn’t apply for a cloud platform. I do believe that there is a market for books like these, covering a small area from a certain viewpoint.

As expected the book covers scripting / automating Azure Infrastructure related resources covering Virtual Machines, Endpoints, load balancing, VM storage and Virtual Networks. I’m more leaning towards the development side of Azure and was therefore able to grasp some knowledge on Virtual Networking, advanced VM options (Virtual Machine Extensions, Custom Script Extension) and Provisioning Linux VMs.

Can the same information be found on the internet? Well yes, quite likely. But you have to be willing to plow through all the outdated resources, bundling this into something readable. I would prefer buying his book instead, it’s only $14 for the kindle.
Automating Microsoft Azure_Infrastructure Services
Publishers website:
Michael Washam

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