Monthly Archives: January 2015

Azure Search – Indexing documents using Tika


This post will offer some insights on how to index popular document formats like Word, PDF and JPG’s when using the Azure Search offering. Azure Search is currently in preview and therefore evolving rapidly. However, as for now, indexing documents isn’t a supported. Hence my search for alternative ways of extracting document data and metadata.

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Azure search – Helpful resources


Given that I will be working with Azure search shortly, I’ve been collecting some helpful resources to get me started quickly, which I’ve included below.

Just a short introduction…
For everyone new to Azure search, just be aware that this service isn’t really a replacement for the missing SQL Server full-text search. It’s is based on a different engine (Lucene) and provides different capabilities. The new service is very interesting and includes better query support, advanced faceting, Geo spatial searches, auto-complete, scoring functions and hit highlighting.

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Azure Blob Storage and storage hierarchy


After seeing how many other applications are dealing with Azure Blob storage, I’ve discovered a couple of common practices when it comes to the creation of a storage hierarchy, along with some performance and security considerations. I haven’t found a lot of insights regarding this topic and therefore decided to write something down.

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JAABAW: Just Another Azure Blob API Wrapper


Just wanted to share something I was working on lately, well at least the interesting part. So I have been dealing with some Azure blob storage related projects/challenges and unfortunately running into some PowerShell API shortcomings. I think this happens to many of us Azure developers; we start with the convenient PowerShell API and later discover that many of the REST API calls haven’t been implemented (Yes, sometimes I do consider to just go with the REST API from the start…). Therefore, I basically had to write a lightweight wrapper.

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Azure Portal Monitoring basics


Within this post, I will focus on the basics of Availability and Performance monitoring within the Azure preview portal. This includes the creation of custom dashboards, adding and altering charts, enabling diagnostics and creating alerts.

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Kraken Image Optimizer and Azure Blob storage

Kraken Image Optimizer

Just had to optimize a bunch images (well actually quite a lot) stored within Azure Blob storage and wanted to share the initial PowerShell script and some details of how everything got together and got started. If you’re not interested in the details, just click here for the script.

You will need a account to follow along but don’t worry, the free plan should be sufficient for simple test cases.

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