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Given that I will be working with Azure search shortly, I’ve been collecting some helpful resources to get me started quickly, which I’ve included below.

Just a short introduction…
For everyone new to Azure search, just be aware that this service isn’t really a replacement for the missing SQL Server full-text search. It’s is based on a different engine (Lucene) and provides different capabilities. The new service is very interesting and includes better query support, advanced faceting, Geo spatial searches, auto-complete, scoring functions and hit highlighting.

Keep in mind that you can’t just enable and configure search for your Azure SQL Database as compared with SQL Server full-text search on premise. Therefore using Azure search in conjunction with Azure SQL Database will require some additional work including the creation of a schema and a process responsible for feeding the search index with data. The good part is that it’s possible to use the service for other non SQL Database related cases as well.


Introduction to Azure Search

Cloud Cover 152: Azure Search with Liam Cavanagh

Azure Search Deep Dive

Search like a Pro with Azure Search

Document DB, Azure Search and Polyglot Persistence in Microsoft Azure


Azure Search Service REST API

Get started with Azure Search

Create your first search solution using Azure Search

Simple query syntax in Azure Search

Implementation samples:

Making Azure Blob Storage Searchable Using Azure Search Service

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