Microsoft and Elasticsearch

Microsoft-and-ElasticsearchI’m not a big fan of short tweet-like blog post however, I would like to share this video where Pablo Castro, a Director of Engineering at Microsoft currently leading Azure Search, talks about how Microsoft is using Elasticsearch. The video is way too short, but still interesting to watch.

Microsoft and Elasticsearch

The video can be found here (Registration is required).

It would be interested if channel 9 started publishing some in depth sessions in the near feature.

Azure Search enhancement request

In addition to this I would like to tell that I need some up-votes on my azure search enhancement request which was submitted yesterday. The request is quite simple; I’m currently missing a Syndication / Atom / RSS feed Indexer.

Creating a process responsible for reading feeds and feeding the data into the search index isn’t rocket science. however, I would like to benefit from the default Azure Indexer plumbing (the scheduling system and not being required to create a separate hosting process to simplify the solution and maybe saving some costs…. not sure about the later).

In my opinion, having a syndication feed Indexer will simplify the process of indexing data located within many different systems hosted on different platforms. In addition, exposing data this way isn’t that hard given the available building blocks available for every platform.

I’ve got the idea from Apache Solr, which is taking this idea even further by providing a handler capable of parsing and formatting data fetched over Http.

To up-vote my request and many others, please visit the following URL.

More information about Solr import handle can be Found here.

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