.NET library for Kraken.io


Sea Mist – Writing a .NET based library for the Kraken.io REST API. Available on GitHub and Nuget

So I have been working with the Kraken.io Image optimization service for a couple projects, as previous blog posts might have indicated. And must say that not having to include, build, debug, maintain and host an image compression library is really a big deal when you sum it all up. I personally don’t like to waste time on non-core business processes. In addition, nowadays it’s often hard to justify the costs. There are so many problem specific hosted solutions available with great support, documentation, API’s etc.

Kraken.io – The Birth of Sea Mist?

When it comes to Kraken.io, the thing I was missing the most was a native .NET API (There is nothing wrong with the REST API provided by Kraken.io, though I do think that including the Authentication information as part of the message body isn’t really something I would have done). And therefore decides to build something on my own and gave birth to project Sea Mist.

About the name: Naming projects always feels somewhat odd to say the least. I’m assuming that the name Kraken comes from the legendary sea monster that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. And therefore have chosen a name closely related to the story.


Project details and source can be found on GitHib https://github.com/Kevin-Bronsdijk/SeaMist. I was inspired by many other .NET based REST API wrappers and therefore able to extend the solution easily as desired.

Just a note about the currently version;

the Upload option and External storage options are missing. The Upload option is something I will be adding shortly however not interested implementing External Storage shortly. I don’t see the value in using the External Storage options given that most scenarios require additional operations like for example altering metadata.

Code samples:

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