Azure App Service – Sessions at Build 2015

The flowing recordings might be of your interest in case you’re exploring the world of Azure App Service as I am. The sessions are a lot more interesting compared with what has been recorded before however, still missing depth and details. More interesting articles can be found on the MSDN blog site by using one of the following tags: Azure App Service, Azure SDK 2.5.1, Azure API Tools, Web API.

I’ve also included a session covering some details regarding the latest Azure SDK. This version is required in case you’re interested in building, deploying and consuming Azure API Apps. In addition the article also covers strongly typed REST API Clients and Third party APIs located within the Azure Marketplace.…azure-api-apps-tools-for-visual-studio-2013.aspx

Azure App Service Sessions at Build 2015

Running Web and Mobile Apps on Azure App Service

This session also covers Azure Web Apps in details…The interesting part (App Service Environment) starts at 23:30 unless unfamiliar with Azure Web Apps.

Azure API Apps for Web, Mobile and Logic Apps

Logic Apps

What’s New for Azure Developers in Visual Studio and Azure SDK

Happy watching!


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