Azure Logic App – Portal update


Azure recently updated the Management Portal and this update includes some interesting changes when it comes to provisioning Azure API Apps located within the Azure Marketplace. The changes are intuitive however, still wanted to cover them quickly just in case my previous Azure App Service blog post are causing some confusion.

Just a couple of days ago, the process of provisioning existing API Apps required starting at the Azure Marketplace. The problem with this approach is that this forces you out of Author mode and slows down the creation of an Azure Logic App quite a bit. With a recent Portal update, this process has been simplified for many of the API Apps found within the marketplace.

NOTE: This approach is only recommended when consuming API Apps from within an Azure Logic App. In addition, not all API Apps are available at the moment.

Probably the best way to describe the changes is by showing a screenshot of the new setup. As you can see, the right section now not only includes all API Apps provisioned within the current resource group, but also lists Recommenced apps and Marketplace apps.


After adding one of the Azure Marketplace API Apps, the Azure Logic App designer will open in the Settings / Configuration mode allowing you to provide the information previously entered within the explicit API App provisioning steps.


This is just a simple change however very welcome in my opinion and makes the authoring process of Azure Logic Apps a lot more pleasant compared with Marketplace approach.

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