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This is just an update containing some links to Interesting resources posted within the last months covering varies topics related to Azure App Service. If you are interested leaning more about Azure App Service, please make sure to read up on my previous articles.

Unfortunately, most of the content is more or less a recap of previous videos. But they do cover some aspects I haven’t seen before.

Azure App Service Auto-Healing

This session covers the basics of Auto-Healing. Auto-Healing is basically a way to respond to application health related triggers. Possibly eliminating the need to manually interfere in some cases, this depends on your triggers and actions.

Logic Apps with Stephen Siciliano

This session is a bit of a recap of what has been published before, but still interesting to watch. In the first example covers a recurring job which polls Twitter for tweets mentioning LogicApps and then takes that output and creates a file in DropBox. And the second sample explains how to send a text message using the Twilio.

Stephen Siciliano – Program Manager on Azure App Service.

Azure App Service Architecture

A full 60 minutes covering the Azure App Service Architecture

Scott Hanselman
Scott Hunter

Einführung Azure App Service

Now for everyone mastering the German language… the following series might be of your interest. The series basically covers the basic building blocks within Azure App Service within 5 modules; Overview, Web App, Mobile App API Apps and Logic Apps.

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