App Service Updates

App Service Updates

As some of you might know, I have an interest in the Azures App Service offering (Especially logic apps) and therefore devoting another blog post containing helpful and interesting resources gathered over the last few weeks.

Quite a few interesting articles have been published within this period including video’s from the Logic Apps PM team and general service updates / improvements.

App Service Updates Summary

Customizable retry policies in logic apps

This article briefly covers how to customize the built-in retry policy in Logic Apps. This feature has been added recently and addition information can be found within the updated documentation.

The title of the article is a bit misleading given that the article covers may other minor changes as well.

Logic Apps Live (video)

The Logic Apps PM team decided to host a community webcast covering Azure Logic Apps in greater details. The sessions cover some interesting (user) scenarios as well as a “what’s new” section.

  • First session recorded on June 25 can be found here (Youtube)
  • The second session recorded July 21 and can be found here (Youtube)

Calling Logic Apps from an HTTP Action

The content of this blog post was also covered within the first episode of Logic Apps Live and definitely shows the agility and modularity of Logic Apps.

Securing your pre-production environment in the cloud

If you are using deployment slots for pre-production environment and like to restrict access to this environment, then this blog post explains you how to accomplish this within a few mouse clicks!

Remote Profiling support in Azure App Service

Interesting article on how to remotely profile your Azure Web Apps as well as API Apps.
App Service Updates profiler

Search for Logic Apps connectors and more Run blade details

Here you will find a list of Logic Apps designer improvements and corrected defects.

July update for Web apps and App Service environments

And a summary of other updates can be found right here.
App Service Updates Plans

Some final words…

This was it for now when it comes to App Service Updates. However do want to note that Jeff Hollan shared some interesting repositories on Github.

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