Logic Apps news – August

Logic Apps Update August

Some of you interested in Azure Logic Apps might not be aware that the Azure Logic App team is hosting monthly knowledge sessions on Google hangout. Apart from that, the team is also actively sharing information via Twitter (@logicappsio) and publishing articles on the MSDN and Azure website. Below I’ve includes some details regarding recent updates (August 2015).

Logic Apps Live – August 27 2015

The latest recording can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-ZDaKsH6BY
and covers the following:

1 – Demo of Do-Until

Do-Until is very useful in case you need to access a non-asynchronous API by simply polling this resource periodically. Of course you would like to add some additional logic regarding the interval and unexpected outcome. Do-Until basically makes it possible to specify the conditions within the Workflow Definition Language. More details can be found right here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/azure/dn948511.aspx
(scroll to Do-Until)

2 – .NET SDK

The SDK, published as a nugget, will allow the following:

List workflows, Manage access keys, manage individual actions, View the trigger history, Workflow definition versioning and much more. Definitely worth looking into.


3 – What’s new

  • Move Logic Apps across subscriptions
  • Template starters integrated into the designer

  • Wait is now part of the engine (action)
  • Retry policy which can be configured

This also includes Do-until and the SDK as talked about earlier.

4 – Webhooks (future release)

The Webhook enables the option to trigger the workflow with schema validation. The Schema validation makes sure that the WF will only be triggered if the input JSON matches with the schema. It’s possible to include multiple Webhooks within one workflow allowing you to include deferent (post) logic / actions depending on which Webhooks was called.

Webhooks action

Webhooks action enables the possibility to simplify polling scenarios, letting the framework do all the communication with the endpoint. This will simplify many workflows

4 – New connectors

  • Bing Translate
  • Bing search

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