Logic Apps Updates January

Logic Apps Update January

The logic Apps offering is becoming more and more mature and interesting especially with the release of webhooks and the upcoming Logic Apps Designer improvements. Below you will find the complete list of updates and coming features as published by The Azure Logic Apps team last January.

The full webcast can be found on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLfZZB0K9to (Logic Apps Live – Jan 28 2016)

Logic Apps – What’s new:

1 – Webhooks

Webhooks can finally be used within logic Apps and currently include the following:

  • Static endpoints (URL is not exposing your subscription name or resource group)
  • HTTP Webhook trigger (subscribe to a service)
  • Synchronous response (send a response back from your logic app)

Webhooks will eliminate the need to implementing listener actions, given that this is now native within the logic Apps. More detailed information can be found within previous posts.

2 – New Monitoring Metrics for logic apps

I’ve previously blogged about Monitoring Metrics for Logic Apps which can be found here: “Monitoring Metrics Logic Apps” http://devslice.net/2016/01/monitoring-metrics-logic-apps-azure-portal/. The Azure Team decided to add another metrics allowing you to identify if a logic app has been throttled, which may happen if based on your subscription. It’s important to know this in case you suspect performance or logic issues within your Workflows.

Run Throttles: Events indicating when a logic app has been throttled.

Logic apps – What’s next

1 – Webhooks

  • Schema validation on manual schema’s (able to validate the schema based on your description)
  • Webhook action (can have an action within your WF that will wait for responses you subscribe to)
  • Designer support

2 – Alerts

3 – Logic Apps designer Improvements

  • Managed API’s
  • Auto discovery of custom API’s (first class designer support based on swagger endpoint data)
  • HTTP + Swagger
  • More control over flow support (conditional support and do-until)

4 – Call workflow improvements and designer experience

Improvements for workflow to workflow interaction

Some other things I would like to cover

There are also some interesting suggestions which can be found within the Azure Logic Apps feedback forum https://feedback.azure.com/forums/287593-logic-apps.

I’m currently missing a way of sending notifications based as described within this idea: Notifications on error – https://feedback.azure.com/forums/287593-logic-apps/suggestions/10101393-notifications-on-error

The second update I would like to see implemented the Ability to access the workflow run id in any action within a logic app as described here: https://feedback.azure.com/forums/287593-logic-apps/suggestions/11349690-ability-to-access-the-workflow-run-id-in-any-actio

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