Themes in Word 2015

Themes in Word 2015

For everyone fond of the developer themes in Visual Studio, Office 2015 now also included several high contrast themes which are a bit easier on the eyes. Personally. I prefer not spending much time in Word. Well, Word and meetings that is… But in case you have to, using a dark theme makes it a bit more pleasant.

Themes in Word 2015 – Almost like Visual Studio

Changing themes is simple: Open Word 2015 and make sure that you are using the January 2016 release (the January 2016 update contains the Black theme, a lighter grayish theme was released September last year).

Click on File > and select Options located within the lower right corner. Within the Word options dialog, locate the Office Themes options and select the one you prefer.



Note: Themes are shared across all products within the Microsoft Office offering, which is interesting in case you are working on Microsoft BI related projects or have to create PPT’s..

Additional options:

This only changes the theme of the application, and not the document. In case you would like type on a black background (change the theme of the document), just open the Design section on the ribbon, and locate the Page Background section. This section includes the option allowing you to change the background color.


If you are an Word expert, you probably change the default theme, eliminating the burden of having to do this for every new document. Or even better, create a macro which applies and undoes the dark document theme.


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