Logic Apps Update June 2016

Logic Apps Update June 2016

On June the 9th, the Logic Apps team hosted a new Live session covering all updates they have been working on for the last few months. I’m pretty excited about the upcoming release and therefore created a summary including all the changes with some additional commentary.

Logic Apps Updates June 2016 – Recorded session

The recording of the session can be found on YouTube (33:25): https://youtu.be/0mezEfT9AcE

Note: At the time of writing, the updates have not yet been released. This will approximately happen in the third week of June.

What’s New:

New Blog

The team has a new blog location, allowing them to provide more details about releases and upcoming changes. The blog / release notes can be found right here: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/logicappsupdate/

Knowledge Sessions

Logic Apps was present of the BizTalk 360 integrate conference which was held in London last May. luckily for us, all sessions have been recorded and available for everyone without registration at: http://www.biztalk360.com/integrate-2016-resources/

Salesforce Sandbox

Support for salesforce sandbox support.

Get Run Id

Allows you to retrieve the workflow run id from within your Logic App code. This information can be used for tracking issues.

Improved Telemetry via Diagnostics

Client tracking id

The client tracking id enables the option to provide a custom id based on your business data. This is very helpful when in case when something unexpected happens and want investigate further or resubmit the action (no need to open the details of the message, the id should be included within the diagnostics info).

This value needs to be passes as a header within your trigger and will be used across runs and included in diagnostic information. This is something I really looking forward to.

Multiline text boxes

Http Request trigger card improvements

@Support for the designer

Logic Apps conditions

In Progress:

On-Premises Connectivity for Managed APIs

Hybrid connectivity, SQL, SharePoint and more.

Tracked properties for telemetry

Add a custom property for tracking.

Rename cards from within the designer

Enterprise Integration Pack

The Enterprise Integration Pack Build on top of Logic Apps and target enterprise scenarios. It includes a rich BizTalk like pipeline called VETER (Validate, Extract, Transform, Enrich and Route). If you are in need if complex XML validation, Xpath document navigation and XSL Transformations, then this is something to take a closer look at. More detailed information can be found within the sessions of the BizTalk 360 integrate conference.

According to the team, a workable version should be released soon.

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