Azure Logic Apps Examples

Logic Apps Examples

Hey, Logic App friends. I’ve noticed that Logic Apps has increased in popularity. Because of this, I would like to make people aware of articles I’ve published. Here a list of post covering basic App Logic building blocks. All examples are simple to understand recreate.

Logic App Versioning; important to know

Before you dive into Logic Apps, make sure that you aren’t working with old samples. Some articles target older preview versions/schemas. Which might be confusing because many things have changed. This includes the language, building blocks (actions) and most of all, the GUI.

A basic tip. If you see the old GUI within examples, I recommend ignoring it. Believe me, it can be frustrating to work with older examples. So, how do I know if the samples are based on an old version? By comparing the GUI as shown in the picture below;


Another pointer would be the schema version. It’s best to ignore version 2014-12-02. Old VS New

Logic Apps Examples

I’ve written many examples in the past. I’ve listed the ones that are helpful for day to day usage.

HTTP Post form data example

This post shows what it takes to Post data from within an HTTP action. In addition, I cover how to construct ‘form data’ and headers. Need to post JSON data? No problem, this easy to alter the samples.

Parsing JSON data

JSON is a popular notation for transmitting data through web services. Therefore, it’s important to understand how to parse JSON within Logic Apps.

Dealing with Arrays and looping structures

In this article, I cover how to iterate over data. This is simple to do however, there are some gotchas.

Debugging Http Actions

Integrating with different systems

Below some examples that can help integrating Logic apps with other systems.

Call Azure Automation run books

A sample based on webbooks and therefore usable in many cases. This post explains how to reuse existing workbooks within your workflow. This can be great automation purposes. For example, startup and suspend VM’s on demand. Or even create new environments using Azure deployment templates.

Call Azure Functions within your Logic App

Serverless computing is getting more and more interesting. Therefore, it’s of great value to know how intergrate with Azure Functions.

More and Logic Apps Examples coming soon!

  • Ramp

    I am looking for some simple logicapps sample which can be triggered by the http invocation and stores it in the sql server db.

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