Logic Apps Schemas

Logic Apps Schemas

This page contains information regarding the different schema versions used within Azure Logic Apps. I will keep this page up-to-date and post new information here when available. please feel free to provide any feedback or interesting resources within the comment section below.


Active schema versions today

There are currently two schemas active in use; Schema 2014-12-02-preview and 2015-08-01-preview.

What’s the schema version of my workflow.

Open the Azure management portal and navigate to the Logic App section. Open your workflow in edit mode, then click on the Code View button located within the designer’s top menu.


What has changed in schema version 2015-08-01-preview

Lots have been changed within schema version 2015-08-01-preview. I’ve listed some interesting articles below.

How can I upgrade from 2014-12-02 to version 2015-08-01

Within the Azure Portal navigate to the Logic Apps section and expand the details by selecting a workflow based on the 2014-12-02-preview schema version. Once the details blade has opened, the ribbon should contain a button called “Update Schema”. Clicking on this button will open another blade which contains all options and steps required to complete the schema update.

Using an older schema version / using the old designer

The new designer is still missing options which were previously available. In addition, the older schema is using different connectors / managed logic apps which you already be familiar with. Therefore, you might want to create a new workflow using the older my 2014-12-02-preview schema.

The article below explains the steps if full detail. Just keep in mind that you might need to rewrite code in case you are using new workflow language functions like Foreach, Parse etc.
bizbert.com: How to switch from the new to the old Logic Apps Designer