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Fake Build and TeamCity: versioning assemblies

Fake Build and TeamCity

A short post on how to pass TeamCity variables in your Fake build config. Multiple people on the web were looking for this, including myself. I Therefore decided to write a blog post covering the basics.

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Invalid Template using workflow functions

Logic Apps Update August

Just a short post covering some pitfalls and hoping to helping others to save some valuable time. I recently received a question regarding monitoring Azure Logic Apps and error branching options as covered within this blogpost: Azure Logic App – Conditions: Success and Failure.

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Azure Logic App – Conditions: Success and Failure


This is just a very short post explaining how to add conditions within your Azure Logic App. The most common case would probably handle a scenario where it’s required to execute different follow-up actions based on the execution status of the preceding action (success or failure). And therefore I will be using this case as an example. But let’s go over some of the details first.

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Azure Logic App – Collections / Repeat Action


As can be seen from my previous postings, I’m still spending my evening hours researching and playing around with the Azure App Service offering. And to be honest, the more you know, the more interesting it gets. However from time to time you will run into simple challenges like how to iterate over a collection of items?

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Azure App Service – The Azure Marketplace


In previous blog posts I’ve been writing about some of the basics of Azure’s App Service offering. Today I would like to add another episode covering the steps required to provision Azure API Apps found within the Azure Marketplace. Without following the following steps, you won’t be able to consume the logic blocks (API calls) exposed by the API App. Fortunately, this is all fairly simple and therefore leaving room to cover some of the API Apps, currently available within the Azure Marketplace, in further detail.

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Azure App Service – Sessions at Build 2015

The flowing recordings might be of your interest in case you’re exploring the world of Azure App Service as I am. The sessions are a lot more interesting compared with what has been recorded before however, still missing depth and details. More interesting articles can be found on the MSDN blog site by using one of the following tags: Azure App Service, Azure SDK 2.5.1, Azure API Tools, Web API.

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.NET library for Kraken.io


Sea Mist – Writing a .NET based library for the Kraken.io REST API. Available on GitHub and Nuget

So I have been working with the Kraken.io Image optimization service for a couple projects, as previous blog posts might have indicated. And must say that not having to include, build, debug, maintain and host an image compression library is really a big deal when you sum it all up. I personally don’t like to waste time on non-core business processes. In addition, nowadays it’s often hard to justify the costs. There are so many problem specific hosted solutions available with great support, documentation, API’s etc.

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