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.NET library for Kraken.io


Sea Mist – Writing a .NET based library for the Kraken.io REST API. Available on GitHub and Nuget

So I have been working with the Kraken.io Image optimization service for a couple projects, as previous blog posts might have indicated. And must say that not having to include, build, debug, maintain and host an image compression library is really a big deal when you sum it all up. I personally don’t like to waste time on non-core business processes. In addition, nowadays it’s often hard to justify the costs. There are so many problem specific hosted solutions available with great support, documentation, API’s etc.

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Azure Blob Storage and storage hierarchy


After seeing how many other applications are dealing with Azure Blob storage, I’ve discovered a couple of common practices when it comes to the creation of a storage hierarchy, along with some performance and security considerations. I haven’t found a lot of insights regarding this topic and therefore decided to write something down.

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