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.NET library for Kraken.io


Sea Mist – Writing a .NET based library for the Kraken.io REST API. Available on GitHub and Nuget

So I have been working with the Kraken.io Image optimization service for a couple projects, as previous blog posts might have indicated. And must say that not having to include, build, debug, maintain and host an image compression library is really a big deal when you sum it all up. I personally don’t like to waste time on non-core business processes. In addition, nowadays it’s often hard to justify the costs. There are so many problem specific hosted solutions available with great support, documentation, API’s etc.

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Azure Search Indexers – Index data without writing code

Azure Search logo big

The Microsoft Azure Search team recently released a new preview version which includes some interesting new features. I’ve briefly covered them in my previous Azure Search Services post but wanted to dive a bit deeper into the Indexers.

An indexer is basically a content crawler written for a specific data source eliminating the need for writing code responsible for extract data from your data source and feed this data within the index. The indexer runs within the Azure context and it’s therefore not required to create a service for hosting this process (billing details are not at available yet).

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