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Thanks for creating this awesome library (kraken-net) and the other great contributions you have made for kraken.io.

Karim Salman | CEO & Co-founder
Nekkra UG (kraken.io)

Kevin has been a pivotal part of the team, a key player. He truly understands what it takes to deliver quality software. I would enjoy to work with Kevin again.

Y.S. Tan | Development Manager
FrieslandCampina Ltd

I worked with Kevin for a short period of time whilst I was at HP and Kevin was at SDL as a Software Engineer. After deploying an SDL product within HP, we experienced a number of performance bottlenecks with the ORACLE database for one of the products. After some time working with SDL support team, Kevin was bought in as a subject matter expert in this field Database performance analysis & tuning. It was clear that he was very knowledgeable in this area and because of this, together with his commitment to delivering a good service, very soon the issue was resolved. On a personal note, I found Kevin very communicative & easy to talk to. It was clear that he was held in very high regard within SDL.

Kevin Hatcher | Solutions Architect
HP.COM, Hewlett-Packard

I worked with Kevin for a number of years. I found Kevin to be very accurate and dedicated in his work. Often Kevin was faced with significant issues which he tackled head on, focused on ensuring the customer was successful with their software and implementation.

Julian Wraith | Principal Technical Account Manager and Practice Lead

We, Spanair, Indra and Hewlett Packard, were very pleased with Kevin’s visit and felt that Kevin was more knowledgeable and resourceful than Building Blocks and had hoped that somebody of his caliber had been involved earlier in the process.

Santiago Carvallo | IT Manager

Kevin is without a doubt a multi-talented (internet) developer; strong in software and internet development, graphic design, network technology and even internet marketing. His divers skill set makes Kevin a strong asset. Kevin inspired and helped me to adopt a great many technologies and solutions. In return I helped Kevin work on his interpersonal skills. Our synergy resulted in a number of succesfull online projects. Kevin is always learning, increasing his value on an ongoing base. Everybody who benefits his services is lucky having him. Goodluck Kevin and keep going!

Daniel Louis Lo-a-njoe | Business Analyst, Citrix Online
Netviewer GmbH

Kevin is a true Microsoft .NET technology specialist, not only is he dedicated to his technical work but performs his tasks with excellence. He has amazed the Cost Control department with his performance and expertise, and will undoubtedly do the same for future employers.

Manolito Gobind | Business Developer
Royal KPN

Kevin implemented the analytics tagging for Adobe Sitecatalyst (Omniture) for Unive Insurances and did a great job. He made a huge effort to understand the tagging method and by doing that, supporting the marketing department and business goals. That is a unique skill for a technical IT consultant that only few possess. Kevin is also a very nice guy to work with and to communicate with, a great IT-consultant to have in your team.

Remco Westerik | Senior Webanalist

Kevin is one of a kind. He lives and breathes code. He is brilliant in his way of finding and implementing solutions, has a way of thinking outside the box even if there is no box. His passion for the job he is working on, the programming skills he has, I’ve never met a more dedicated software programmer as Kevin and will never forget his work. High quality, on time and above expectation.

Rick Schouten | Business Analyst