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Azure CDN and WordPress using W3 Total Cache

Azure storage CDN

This post is a follow-up post to my previous post Optimizing WordPress hosted on Windows.

It’s the holiday season and therefore having some time to spare, I thought I might as well include the part I left out my previous post. Therefore this post focuses solely on including Azure CDN within your WordPress environment using the W3 Total Cache WP plugin.

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Optimizing WordPress hosted on Windows

windows-and-WordpressI was recently working on some performance issues, which also included dealing with the web front-end. I’m more of a middleware/backend guy, however, do know my way around web development and website optimization (minification, bundling, caching, Gzip, CDN, etc.)

After working on the issues, I was wondering how my blog would perform. I’ve never run any analysis, leave alone applied any tweaks. This website is a basic out of the box WordPress installation (scripted by hosted on Windows containing only a hand full of articles. And therefore not even thinking about possible performance issues, but I was wrong.

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