Azure Portal Console

Azure Portal Console

I just recently discovered the Azure Portal Console by accident when deploying (well troubleshooting that is) Umbraco solutions, a topic I will cover later in greater detail within an upcoming series, and was pleasantly surprised. Now the virtual console as included within the Azure Portal isn’t new and therefore perhaps familiar for a lot of you out there, however I haven’t heard of it before.

Azure Portal Console

The Console simply allows you to quickly manage your web app environment by running common commands (‘mkdir’, ‘del’, ‘rd’, etc.) from within the Azure Portal without the needs of having a system with all the Azure tools or connecting over FTP. This option comes in handy when you need to investigate or make some minor changes (delete, move, backup some files or folders) and only have a tablet available. Of course it only makes sense to use this option for trouble shooting and emergency changes only.

Manage your web app environment via the console

To access the Console, simply open one of your Web Apps environments within . Within the details blade you will find a button called Tools which will open another blade. There are a lot of helpful debugging tool located within this blade including the Console. Clicking on the Console option simply opens a console like interface.

The only problem I’ve spotted so far is missing support for the back and forward buttons in case you would like to correct a type. But you will be able to cycle trough precious commands using the up and down keys.

Azure Portal Console 1

Azure Portal Console 2

Azure Portal Console behind the scenes

In case you’re interested in some technical details about the Console, please make sure to check the following link:

Thanks to this article I discovered an even more powerful version of the Console called debug Console which can be found within the scm section of your web application.


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