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Debugging HTTP Actions – Logic Apps

Debugging HTTP Actions

I just wanted to share some details on debugging HTTP Actions within Azure Logic Apps. This because I recently provided some guidance on constructing Logic Apps workflows for non-developer minded group of people. The information within this post should give some insights on what steps to take when running into problems.

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Monitoring Metrics Logic Apps – Azure Portal

Monitoring Metrics Logic Apps

Within this post I would like to briefly demonstrate how to enable monitoring metrics for Logic Apps and adding charts your azure start boards. I highly believe that keeping a non-automated close eye on resources is crucial after deploying new applications or alterations. This will also provide some useful insights on application usage patterns as well.

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Invalid Template using workflow functions

Logic Apps Update August

This post covers some common pitfalls and hoping to help others saving some valuable time. I recently received a question regarding monitoring Azure Logic Apps and error branching options as covered within this blog post: Azure Logic App – Conditions: Success and Failure.

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使用 W3 总缓存 Azure CDN 和 WordPress

Azure storage CDN

这篇是前篇文章 Optimizing WordPress hosted on Windows 的后续文章。

现在是假期所以我有一些空闲时间,我会在这篇文章补充前篇第一部份的数据,主要集中解释在 WordPress 的 Azure CDN 使用 W3 总缓存 WP 插件。

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Azure Portal Console

Azure Portal Console

I just recently discovered the Azure Portal Console by accident when deploying (well troubleshooting that is) Umbraco solutions, a topic I will cover later in greater detail within an upcoming series, and was pleasantly surprised. Now the virtual console as included within the Azure Portal isn’t new and therefore perhaps familiar for a lot of you out there, however I haven’t heard of it before.

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Azure Search Indexers – Indexing collections

Azure Search Indexers

I previously wrote a blog post called Index data without writing code and recently received some interesting comments / questions in regards to using the Collection(Edm.String) collection datatype when having a SQL Server based data source. And I therefore decided to compile the information within a separate blog post. (Special thanks to the Azure search team for answering some of my queries!)

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SQL Server Connector – Azure API App – Part 2


Within part 2 of this series (click here for part 1), I would like to cover some of the available configuration options of the Azure API SQL Server connector. The connector simply enables you to connect with a SQL Server (as well as on-premises instances) or Azure SQL Database and perform various actions. This includes; executing stored Procedures, Poll data (triggers) and the option to retrieve, create, update and delete database table entries without having to write SQL.

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