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Azure Search – Indexing documents using Tika


This post will offer some insights on how to index popular document formats like Word, PDF, and JPG’s when using the Azure Search offering. Azure Search is currently in preview and therefore evolving rapidly. However, as for now, indexing documents isn’t supported. Hence my search for alternative ways of extracting document data and metadata.

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Azure Blob Storage and storage hierarchy


After seeing how many other applications are dealing with Azure Blob storage, I’ve discovered a couple of standard practices when it comes to the creation of a storage hierarchy, along with some performance and security considerations. I haven’t found a lot of insights regarding this topic and therefore decided to write something down.

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Azure Portal Monitoring basics


Within this post, I will focus on the basics of Availability and Performance monitoring within the Azure preview portal. This includes the creation of custom dashboards, adding and altering charts, enabling diagnostics and creating alerts.

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Azure CDN and WordPress using W3 Total Cache

Azure storage CDN

This post is a follow-up post to my previous post Optimizing WordPress hosted on Windows.

It’s the holiday season and therefore having some time to spare, I thought I might as well include the part I left out my previous post. Therefore this post focuses solely on including Azure CDN within your WordPress environment using the W3 Total Cache WP plugin.

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Optimizing WordPress hosted on Windows

windows-and-WordpressI was recently working on some performance issues, which also included dealing with the web front-end. I’m more of a middleware/backend guy, however, do know my way around web development and website optimization (minification, bundling, caching, Gzip, CDN, etc.)

After working on the issues, I was wondering how my blog would perform. I’ve never run any analysis, leave alone applied any tweaks. This website is a basic out of the box WordPress installation (scripted by hosted on Windows containing only a hand full of articles. And therefore not even thinking about possible performance issues, but I was wrong.

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Too many Chefs spoil the broth

Too many Chefs spoil the broth

I’ve recently deiced that it was time to assess my knowledge and skills when it comes to Chef, and a couple of other stuff as well, but focusing on Chef for now. After reading many articles, blog post, documentation and setup small environments, I just wanted to know what my level of understanding is and identify possible knowledge gaps.

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Azure VM Reset admin account

JS Code Coverage Part 2

Recently discovered the option to reset the username and password for the local administrator account for Azure VMs. I found this in Michael Washam’s, Automating Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services, which is a pretty interesting book, however more on that later.

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