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Azure Portal Dashboard and Monitoring improvements

Azure Portal Logo

It has been almost a year since I wrote the Azure Portal monitoring basics guide. Given that this article is attracting quite a bit of traffic, I guess that many blog visitors are interested in reading more about this. Therefore, I’ve decided to write a little update covering significant recent Portal changes.

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Azure App Service – Orchestrating business processes


When it comes to Azure App Service, I haven’t followed what was going on to be 100% honest. Based on the first details released in March, it sounded like a cloud-based version of Visual Studio LightSwitch. Able to manage different types of Azure abstractions by click-building and publishing applications into Azure. However, this isn’t the case.


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Azure Portal Monitoring basics


Within this post, I will focus on the basics of Availability and Performance monitoring within the Azure preview portal. This includes the creation of custom dashboards, adding and altering charts, enabling diagnostics and creating alerts.

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